Monday, September 18, 2017

Fall 2017 Recruitment - Thank you Volunteers!


It takes a lot of time and volunteers to pull of a successful recruitment. Of course the Chapter does the heavy-lifting, but they need the support, guidance and help from their Advisors and local Panhellenic to make it a reality.

We'd like to thank all the NNDGAC members who volunteer to help Chapter and our local Panhellenic ( NNAP).


Casandra  Bymers ATC
Heather Butler Baird
Jennifer  Yori
Leilani Juarez
Kaitlynn Cooper
Ciara Garcia Holder
Kelli  Gallimore


Madeline Hefner Carpenter ( NNDGAC Rep)
Melissa Jane Ung
Kate Dunlap
Avery Weyant
Mary Ann Michels 

If we missed listing you and you volunteered let us know! We have a Volunteer Hours Form on our Facebook Page (Under Notes) and here

Monday, September 4, 2017

Did you get a calendar in the Mail? NO?

These are going in the mail this week.

But some of our members have blocked addresses in our database, or OLD addresses. If you don't get one - PLEASE update your profile in 

Meanwhile - here's one you can print-out.