Monday, August 10, 2009


17th--"There Once Was A Girl Named Hannah..." Book Club -->California Avenue Deli at 6pm
20th--Skit & Sponsorship Night with the collegiates -->Eta Iota House at 5pm
22nd--Wet 'N' Wild-Hannahs Float the River -->Meet at Siena at 11am
24th--Mini Initiation-->Eta Iota chapter House at 6pm

2-7th--Eta Iota Fall Recruitment
19th--Wine Walk
28th--Collumnae Career Building workshops

Family BBQ & Pool Party

Chante Hargrove & Roseanna Peek

Jenna McQuattie, Mary Ann Michels, Peggy Brown, Lynn Heydon

Vanessa & Baby Mackenzie

Jenny Elston

The Northern Nevada Delta Gamma Alumnae Chapter hosted its annual Family BBQ & Pool Party and we had more in attendance than ever before!! With 14 people there, we enjoyed great food, a lovely time in the pool, and some great sun!

Vanessa brought Mackenzie (our newest DG) and Jenna came with her 1-week-overdue belly...and our soon-to-be anchorman inside!

We can't wait for our next event and hope to keep up the trend of over 10 women!

Thanks to everyone who joined us:
Ciara Villalobos
Julie Toth
Lynn Heydon
Peggy Brown
Jenna McQuattie
Jenny Elston
Jan Moor
Mary Ann Michels
Ashley Brune
Vaungaylyn de Witt
Roseanna Peek
Chante Hargrove
Vanessa Nelson
Mackenzie Nelson
Chris Strader
and our incredible hostess, Shenea Stephenson!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Flamingos Are Coming!!!! The Flamingos!!!


Get ready Northern Nevada because NOBODY is safe!!!

That's right...we're launching a full flock attack!!! For $15.00 YOU can flock someone...that means that a flock of 25 flamingos will descend upon their lawn!!! Take caution though, because the person YOU flock may flock you right back!!!

Nasty HOA's?!!?! You can get "Flocking Insurance" for $5.00 per month and you won't be flocked!!!

All our funds go to the Libby Fullerton Scholarship Foundation!!!

This will start with just the NNDGAC and will eventually move on to the entire Panhellenic of Northern Nevada!!

Get us started by calling Vaungaylyn (775-233-0426) or email her at

$15.00--Flock of 25 Birds on someone's lawn (must have their name and address) {**$15.00 to remove from your lawn and
place on someone else's]
$10.00--Basic removal of birds from your lawn (not placed on someone else's lawn)
$5.00/month--Insurance (you can't be flocked for 1 month)
$20.00--Specialty Holiday Flocking (skeletons for Halloween, reindeers for Christmas, etc. **First come first serve--sign up

Monday, August 3, 2009

Updated Calendar of Events!!

Calendar of Events:

8/8: Family Pool Party & BBQ
8/17: Book Club Kickoff Meeting
8/20: Sponsorship Night and Skit Night with the Collegiate Chapter
8/22: Hannahs Float The River
8/24: Mini-Initiation
8/24: Board Meeting
9/3-9/7: Eta Iota (Collegiate Chapter) Recruitment
9/19: Hannahs on the Wine Walk
9/28: Don't Get Stapled By the Real World--Collegiate Workshops for the Real World ***Collumnae Event
10/3: UNR vs. UNLV Tailgater with the Southern Nevada Alumnae Chapter
10/4: Hannahs Race For The Cure--Susan G. Komen Race For the Cure
10/10: Alumni Ball
10/20: Collumnae Event--TBD
11/7: Initiation
11/14: Night at the Races--foundation fundraiser
11/19: Hannahs in the Kitchen (Recipe Exchange) ***Collumnae Event

Giving Back Never Felt So Good!

WHAT an event, hey?!?!

The alumnae chapter of Northern Nevada got together in the park on a VERY hot day with puppies!!!

It was a rocky start, but collegiates did show up (thanks ladies) and we had a pretty great turnout of 15 people (more than double our average attendance)!!

We met Phinnean, Dayton, and Patch--3 guide dogs from the Carson City Guide Dog Foundation...and it was great!!

I was blown away by how much this event touched my heart. Its been a few years since I did anything with our foundation and I didn't realize how much I missed it! We raised $178.00 for the foundation and donated some of our amazing food to a homeless gentleman who was hungry!!

We had great food, a lot of information and a great time together!

I encourage each and every one of you to get out there and really give to the organizations you cherish...whether its your time or your money. Let's all do 1 hour of work for something important!!